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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body exercise system designed to strengthen the weak and challenge the strong. Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) was a German expatriate who first made his mark in England during WWI when he developed a series of exercises and innovative equipment to help prisoners of war regain strength and mobility. When he later immigrated to New York, the local professional dance community discovered that his conditioning techniques helped improve strength and prevent injury while maintaining long, even muscle tone. This sparked a vast following of Pilates' method of exercise.

Benefits of Pilates

​Pilates can be a positive addition to your overall weight-loss program. Weight loss occurs when the number of calories consumed is less than the number of calories expended. The most successful and healthy way to achieve weight loss is a balanced, healthy diet along with an exercise plan that includes an aerobic component coupled with a strength training component. Pilates is a great example of the type of strength training that will help to lose weight and achieve muscle tone. Combining our exercise with aerobic exercise also offers additional benefits such as, greater mind-body connection, improved posture, and increased flexibility.

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises help both men and women develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints.  The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation, Pilates exercises help you tone your body, feel revitalized, and move with ease.   Pilates helps build strong, healthy muscles, improves blood flow, and engages all the muscles at the right time. In doing so, it works your body inside and out for optimal body conditioning.

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