Our Fearless Leader, Susie

I am a retired engineer and project manager.  I had been a caregiver for my mother but after she passed away, I found myself without a routine and gaining weight.  I had always been heavy but my clothes were getting really tight.  One Saturday morning in the spring of 2010, I was driving by The Pilates Firm and decided to stop, it was the Grand Opening.  I remember asking Tamara "Can you help me?"  She said she could and demonstrated short spine.  If you know what that is you will understand my response, "I don't really need to be able to do that".  But I signed up for an introductory class and started.  Tamara was an angel in disguise, she quickly found out I had no core strength but she was undeterred and I was on a mission.  As I learned how to exercise and breathe, getting off the couch became easier.  


In 2016, Tamara was not wanting to renew her lease and I asked her about it, she suggested I could buy The Pilates Firm.  She wasn't ready to give it up totally but her daughter (partner) were over committed, it's all about timing.  It took some convincing but my husband finally relented and so we bought The Pilates Firm.  The instructors agreed to stay and we are making plans to add additional equipment to increase the challenge.  I just couldn't let this be the end of my Pilates journey.  I had gained so much (core strength, flexibility, and better lung function).  So now starts the next chapter.  

Susie Crawford, The Pilates Firm, Cypress, Texas